Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scrap Paper and Cardboard

I've been staring at a left over empty container on my table. It seemed like a nice sturdy little piece of cardboard that I might be able to use someday. I don't like to throw things away, although inevitably I do, then of course decide I need it. I resisted the urge numerous times and decided to finally "do something" with it.

I found a nice little decorative floral envelope that I have saved for several years. I cut the paper to fit around the container, used my handy Xyron tool to add adhesive to the paper and pressed it to the sides. I then took a brown paper bag, cut into a thin strip, cut with decorative scissors for a lovely edge, and then hand stamped a border. I placed this in the middle of the container. To finish off I used a 18 kt. gold leafing pen to give the top edge a little bit of glimmer. Voila'

I liked my new little decorative container so much I made another and stuffed them both with some of the loose tools around my desk. Much nicer to look at and took very little time.

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Vee said...

What a great idea! I do the same thing....saving.... oooohhh my storage area is overflowing with "stuff" that I find a use for every so often.

I use some chewable Calcium as well..and have the similar shape container..hmmm...must have a go. I wonder if decoupage of a beautiful tissue paper might work as well.....and so it goes....more ideas from other ideas ...... lol