Monday, February 4, 2008

Paper Clay Snowman

I had hoped to have this Paper Clay Snowman on a candlestick ready for Christmas...oh well. I am now ahead for next year's decorations. The inspiration for this special candlestick came from a craft magazine (I can't remember which one now). I used a styrofoam ball for the center, added the paper clay with an attachment for the candle stick. It took several days for it to dry thoroughly, then I painted, added a felt ruffle, a pointy party hat and glued to the wooden candlestick. I like the somewhat neutral colors and think I'll be able to display him on my desk all year round!


Shadow Mood said...

Are you going to do a series of "clown candle-sticks" ? Maybe you could do the "Circus of Light", or the "House of Wax" !

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Calvina, You can always have Christmas in July although we will have to wait a while for that but at least you are ahead of the game! Very cute! Hugs, Linda